pft & hijetter

Printer exploration

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The running .exe file ... [667KB]:
The full sources for VC++ including all immages ... [3.080KB]:

libPJL and PFT
In case you live on UNIX or you want the command line tool anyway or you want to use the library for PJL communication, here it is (compiles on UNIX and Windows):
libPJL-1.3-src.tgz (current)
libPJL-1.2-src.tgz (depricated)

The ChaiCrack service to crack UNIX crypt() passwords on printers: ChaiCrack.tgz
The ChaiPortScan multi-thread port scanning engine for printers. It sucks, because with the f**ked up firmware, you don't really get good results (if at all). In case you are curious anyway: ChaiPortScan.tgz

A copy of Chai server can be found at